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Data Sets
& Support

Purchase one of our tailored datasets based on a topic of interest, or create your own new targets. NSD provides multiple data delivery options (i.e., API) to meet your mission needs and environmental constraints. We collect on keywords and phrases in 108 languages. Our text-focused collections are from the dark web, deep web, and clear net. Our customers are able to perform data analysis using classified search terms. Ask us how.

(Available to U.S. state and federal government entities and national laboratories only).


OSINT Analysis
& Content Monitoring

Scale your team's impact by using NSD's highly-trained OSINT analysts.

Our analysts are always looking for interesting content. Set up flags for us to monitor and we will notify you with hits as we find them. 


Text Analysis,
Language Translation & Data Customization

Utilize our expertise in text analysis to triage data,

  • Export all data with a keyword(s) you choose

  • Rank documents by how many keywords appear in a document

  • Create a visual word cloud from a set of text-based files

  • Perform Boolean or REGEX searches

Targeted Threat Topics

NSD can add new custom targets for any customer. We have an existing, rich, data history for the following topics:

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear (CBRN) WMD and Proliferation

  • Nuclear Terrorism (IND, dirty bombs / RDD, Criticality Devices, crude designs, and critical assembly)

  • Chem Bio (CBRN), VX gas, Marburg, Anthrax, Precursor Chemicals

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

  • Small nuclear weapons and miniaturization

  • Nuclear Shipments, Smuggling, and Theft

  • Nuclear Weapon Design and Components (tampers, neutron generators, dual-use technologies, etc)

  • Nuclear Proliferation (Over-the-horizon)

Terrorism and Non-state Actors

  • Weaponized Fentanyl and Carfentanil

  • Weaponized CRISPr Cas9 & Genomic Security

  • Terrorism, lone wolfs, and domestic extremism

  • Critical Infrastructure (Reactors, dams, SCADA systems, etc), Soft targets, and high-value targets (HVT)

  • Kinetic cyber attacks

  • U.S. Border Security and Smuggling

Other: NATO, Nuclear Programs, Greyzone, Advanced Science, Quantum Computing, CRISPR, Genomic Security, etc.

  • Russia & NATO | OTAN (War in Ukraine)

  • Covid-19 & Pandemics

  • Equations of State for Nuclear Materials

  • Advanced Material Science (High-Z, Cold Atom, Cermets, Phenolics, 3D Carbon, etc.)

  • Reentry Vehicles (RVs), Reentry Bodies (RBs), and other delivery systems

  • State Nuclear Weapon Programs

  • U.S. Modern Stockpile: W80-4, B61-12, etc.

  • Grey zone warfare

  • Safeguards Transporter (SGT) and Mighty Guardian Transporter (MGT), etc.

  • Quantum Computing

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Other topic areas of interest include:
Havana syndrome, Taiwan, Pandemics, Covid-19, SARs, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical weapons, biological weapons, CBRN, Ctitical masses, Improvised Nuclear Devices, Radiological Dispersal Devices, Grey Zone, Asymmetric Warfare, Economic Warfare, Criticality Devices, AQ Khan, Proliferation States, Proliferation Networks (Khan network), Over-the-horizon (OTH) countries, Nuclear South Korea, Nuclear Saudi Arabia, Nuclear Turkey, Nuclear Iran, Nuclear Libya, Nuclear Japan, Nuclear Germany, Nuclear Jihad, Nuclear ISIS, Nuclear Al Qaeda, Nuclear Islamic state, Nuclear radical, nuclear lone wolves, buying nuclear weapons, buy special nuclear materials, buying nuclear weapon design plans, Stealing nuclear weapons, smuggling nuclear weapons, shipping and transporting nuclear weapons, NC3, Nuclear Command and Control, Emergency Action Messages, The Secret Service (USSS), the White House, Air Force One, Marine One, Camp David, the Beast, Nuclear football, Chinese Nuclear Weapon Modernization and Expansion, Human Error, NNSA, Department of Energy (DOE), Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Livermore National Laboratory, Pantex, KCNSC, Y-12, Savanna River Site (SRS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nevada Test Site / Nevada National Security Site, STRATCOM,  Human Error, Uranium, Plutonium, Actinides, Fissile Materials (HEU), Material Science, crude nuclear bomb, simple nuclear bombs, L-clearance, Q-clearance, Secret Restricted Data (SRD), Formerly Restricted Data (FRD), Restricted Data (RD), Sigma-14, Sigma-15, Sigma-18, Sigma-20, weapons components (detonators, tampers, reflectors, high explosive, arming, fire set / firing sets, fuzing and firing (AF&F), etc.), delivery systems (B-21 Raider, GBSD Sentinal, MMIII, B-52 "Buff", B-2 Spirit, Tornado NATO Fighter Jet, etc.), Nuclear complex modernization (W80-4, B61-12, W90), Limited Life components, nuclear vulnerabilities, unauthorized detonation, Pit production, Mixed-Oxide (MOX) facility, HEUMF, Nuclear Emergencies, JTOT, NEST, ARG, Plutonium storage, Uranium storage, Counter-terrorism and Counter-proliferation Directorate, WMD Directorate, Critical Infrustructure, EMP, Physical Security, Mass-casualty incidents, Tier 1 assests, 2W2, Trust in Supply Chain, Reverse Engineering, The Onion Router (TOR), the Dark Web, Open Source Intelligenece (OSINT), Red Teaming, Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC), Counterintelligence (CI), Nuclear Weapon Transportation, Nuclear Material Transportation. Border Security, Transportation Security, Plutonium-Uranium extraction processes (PUREX, etc).

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