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Frequently Asked Questions // FAQ

Who are we? 

We are a team of highly skilled, U.S. Citizen, cleared analysts and scientists, with years of intelligence experience working on the toughest research and national security problems of our day. 

What do we do? 

We use human-machine teaming through a combination of human analysts manually searching, as well as AI agents searching the internet, dark web, and deep web for national security topics of interest. We utilize proprietary tradecraft to minimize our footprint and traffic. 

How do I get a contract with  NSD? 

NSD only works with U.S. government organizations and subcontractors working on government projects. Please email us from a .mil or .gov email address when possible to start an exciting conversation.

What does it cost? 

NSD works on all sizes of projects. Contact us with your timeline for an estimate. 

What are our favorite topics? 

Terrorism, WMD, CBRN, Nuclear weapons, Nuclear proliferation (A.Q. Khan network). Nuclear States (DPRK), Deterrence, Fissile materials (i.e., Uranium, Plutonium), Nuclear weapon design, systems (W80-4, B61-12) and components (i.e., tamper, neutron reflector), Delivery Systems (i.e., GBSD "Sentinel", B-21 Raider, MMIII, B-2, B-52, LRSO, Hwasong-17), Nuclear Terrorism, Counter Terrorism (CT), the Nuclear Weapons Complex (i.e., Pantex, Los Alamos, Livermore, Sandia), high explosives, Cyber security, cyber-attacks, hacker organizations, disinformation, misinformation campaigns, NATO (OTAN), fentanyl, Border Security, Homeland Security, Smuggling, Technology Surprise (tech surprise), Grey Zone warfare, hybrid warfare, economic warfare, proxy wars, the Dark Web (i.e., TOR), the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, smuggling, and much more.

Our web Accessibility

We are committed to accessible web content for all persons. 

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